Bear Awareness

And now, bears.

The subject of bears always makes me think of a bumper sticker I once saw, "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Except bears. Bears just kill you."

One of the most common recommendations from students is a greater focus on wildlife encounters (bears) during the WFA course. While I have recently added more material related to treatment of injuries from animal attacks (bears), there just isn't time in class to adequately prepare students to avoid or manage a wildlife encounter (with bears).

One great resource is the Wilderness Medical Society's excellent 3-part article, 'Of The Family Ursidae.' Great information, and some very cool video footage (of bears) as well.  You can find this excellent online course at

And, yes, I know that bears aren't the only wildlife hazard. Comprehensive Wildlife Awareness courses are available, and I am more than happy to dig up some of those resources in the future.

In the meantime, tell us about your wildlife encounters or near-misses - and, no, it doesn't have to be all about bears.