Advanced Wilderness First Aid (Dec 6-8 + Dec 14-16)

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Advanced Wilderness First Aid (Dec 6-8 + Dec 14-16)


A Higher Standard of Care

Next level training for the serious adventurer! This is the gold standard in pre-professional outdoors medicine - perfect for local guides, outdoor educators, and those who venture a little farther from home.

40 Hours - $495 - Includes CPR-C



Advanced Wilderness First Aid is a pre-professional course designed for hard-core adventurers and outdoors professionals who intend to spend days or weeks in significantly remote or challenging environments.  This course expands on the Standard Wilderness First Aid course by preparing students for medical emergencies when hospitals and rescue services may not be available for an extensive time period.  Students learn leadership, team management, risk mitigation and expanded treatment techniques to manage emergency situations that involve prolonged patient care, severe environments, and improvised equipment.


40 Hours


Two Weekend Schedule

  • Friday Evenings: 5 PM - 9 PM: Brainboost Education (240-3355 West Broadway, Vancouver)
  • Saturdays & Sundays: 9 AM - 5 PM: Pacific Spirit Park, Sasamac Trail (19th Ave. at Camosun St., Vancouver)
  • Rain, shine, snow or wind - if the mail gets delivered, so does your course!

Weekday Schedule

  • Monday to Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM
  • Custom locations; mixed indoor and outdoor sessions.


All medical supplies are provided, but any of our basic level medical kits would complement this course and give students the tools necessary to utilize their new medical skills. View kits here.


Advanced Wilderness First Aid includes all elements of the standard course, plus more in-depth coverage of environmental emergencies, hazard assessment model, team management in emergency situations, communications protocols, and advanced treatment options.   Extended patient care is also more robust, preparing you to care for patients over 24-48 hours in austere environments during hostile environmental conditions.


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Day One (4 Hour Evening, Classroom Session)

----- Meet 5:00 PM -----

  • Introduction & Course Overview 
  • Medical Legal Issues in Remote Care
  • Scene Size-Up
  • Primary Survey 
  • Basic Airway Management 
  • CPR ā€˜Cā€™ with AED 
  • CPR in Remote Environments 
  • Shock
  • Managing Massive Bleeds (Tourniquets) 
  • Medications and Medical Emergencies 

Day Two (8 Hours, Outdoor Learning Environment)

----- Morning -----

    • Trip Planning and Communication 
    • Knots, Ropes and Stretcher Building 
    • Cold Emergencies 
    • Secondary Surveys 
    • Extended Care in Remote Environments 
    • Student Presentation

    ----- Afternoon -----

      • Camp Hygiene 
      • Spinal Injuries 
      • Multi-Trauma Patients 
      • Head Trauma 
      • Evening Review 

      Day Three (8 Hours, Outdoor Learning Environment)

      ----- Morning -----

      • Morning Review 
      • Student Presentation: Altitude Illness
      • Musculoskeletal Injuries 
      • Animal Attacks & Envenomations 

      ----- Afternoon -----

      • Lightning 
      • Wound Care and Infections 
      • Remote Medical Kit & Supplies 
      • Student Presentations
      • Simple Shelter Building


      Day Four (4 Hour Evening, Classroom Session)

      • Weekend One Review
      • Professional vs Public First Aid
      • Airway Management for Spinal Patients
      • Cardiac Arrest Scene Management
      • Hypoxic Cardiac Arrest
      • Traumatic Cardiac Arrest
      • Altered Level of Consciousness Assessment Model
      • Homeostasis & the Body's 7 Basic Needs
      • Body Systems & Systems-Based Patient Assessments

      Day Five (8 Hours, Outdoor Learning Environment)

      ----- Morning -----

      • Review Knots, Ropes & Stretchers
      • Advanced Environmental Response
      • Multiple Patient Scenarios & Multiple Casualty Incidents
      • Patient Assessment Reviews
      • Hydration and Nutrition in Extended Care
      • Student Presentations

      ----- Afternoon -----

        • Spinal Injury Assessments 
        • Advanced Spinal Motion Restriction 
        • Managing Head Trauma Patients
        • Wound Management Review
        • Infection Management
        • Advanced Management of Deadly Bleeding
        • Evening Review 

        Day Six (8 Hours, Outdoor Learning Environment)

        ----- Morning -----

          • Morning Review 
          • Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatments
            • Reducing Dislocations
            • Realigning Angulated Fractures

          ----- Afternoon -----

              • Student Presentations
              • Climbing Emergencies
              • Advanced Considerations in Medical Kits
              • Assessment Scenarios
              • Written Assessment 
              • Course Debrief and Open Review 


              Red Cross Advanced Wilderness & Remote First Aid with CPR/AED 'C'

              • This certification completely includes Standard Wilderness First Aid, Red Cross Standard First Aid, and CPR-C Certifications.
              • This certification is valid for up to 3 years.
              • Annual re-certification options will maintain skills and certifications, and offer special topics for focused learning.


              • Holders of a valid certification are eligible to upgrade to the 80 hour Wilderness First Responder certification with a 40 hour bridge course.
              • Alumni are always welcome to participate in free refresher courses to practice or touch up on specific skills.
              GROUP TRAINING

              Interested in Group Training?

              Whether you represent a company or an organization, or you just want to get some friends together for a fun weekend learning valuable skills, we at Coast Wilderness Medical Training appreciate your efforts to get more people prepared for emergencies in the backcountry.  Groups of 9 or more qualify for discounted rates. 

              To get started, or for more information, please fill out the form below, and we will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your needs.