SOF® Tactical Tourniquet - Wide

$44.95 CAD

The SOF® Tactical Tourniquet – Wide (SOFTT-W) is one of the most recently researched tourniquets on the market today. Extensive data was gathered between end users and laboratory studies and concluded this tourniquet to be one of the most effective and easy to use.  In a wilderness environment, where rapid hemorrhage control might be necessary under adverse weather or other hazardous conditions, the SOFTT-W is a dependable and reliable piece of equipment.  Despite hardy canvas strapping and durable airplane-grade aluminum hardware, the new and improved design reduces the weight of the tourniquet by 25%.


Features & Benefits

  • Approved by the  Canadian CCCWG (Combat Casualty Care Working Group)

  • Available only for our Canadian customers

  • High strength hook and buckle for superior security, strength and ease of application

  • Allows for rapid routing of the tourniquet strap while eliminating the need for re-threading

  • 1.5” wide compression strap, promoting increased patient comfort and arterial compression

  • Handle is constructed from high strength aluminum bar stock virtually eliminating the risk of product failure

  • UV resistant black rubber bands to mount to individual kit

  • Weight: .11 kg

Tourniquets should only be used by trained personnel.  Improper tourniquet use can increase bleeding, and might lead to death.  For more information, please read our blog post on tourniquets.  Proper tourniquet use is included in all of our Wilderness First Aid courses.